Deception and Death

What we did on our summer vacation:

The Continuing Adventures of Irreparable Damage Inc. - 5/10/14

1) The Keep blew up; for no good reason.
2) Subdued by rogue/assassin; chained up; saved by the Pigeon Guy [druid].
3) The Powers That Be have meeting in the Inn with us. They declared we all move to the town of Riversweep.
4) First day of travel, that night Gurmok got his “lil’ orc” serviced by crack whores [his favorite target of affection].
5) Had a random encounter with a giant lizard — wasted it.
6) Met back up with Army.
7) Brill received nighttime invite to big warehouse [by himself]; found no one there. We left. Next day warehouse burned down. Received letter from Mr. Hatenkloek.
8) Had encounter on bridge/turret/ballista; man had cardiac infarction. Brill healed him. His son led us to cave up north. Were attacked by a swarm of spiders & a giant spider.


Esparno Death_Metal_Thunderstrike

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