Mr. Hat and Cloak



This humanoid has only been seen by a few individuals and he appears to be working with the Necromancers.

Appearance: He has only been seen at a distance, typically on a rooftop. He appears to be a 6 and a half foot tall humanoid and wearing a long dark coat from which spills smoke that tumbles down around him. He is always seen wearing a wide brimmed hat beneath which flow shadows that hide all of his features save his eyes which shine piercingly bright blue from the shadows. Those who have gotten close have reported the sounds of dozens of incomprehensible voices, moaning in agony.

Offensive capabilities: He has been seen wielding a crossbow in one hand and magic in the other. When pressed hard he appears to have a second set of clawed arms capable of independently casting spells.


Unknown, probably a bad upbringing though.

Mr. Hat and Cloak

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