Deception and Death

What we did on our summer vacation part 2: The Metal Years
Thursday 5/29/14

1) Traveled south on the Sweep River; passed the town of Steepleton; stopped for supplies.
2) While traveling we found a man being assaulted by 5 soldiers; saved him. That night, man disappeared overboard. Pigeon Guy searched & couldn’t find him in the water.
3) Encounter on shore: Big Bug Dude [was actually Man Overboard] killed 4 guards. We attacked him vigorously; laid some damage on his keester; he fled [chicken-shit!].
4) Archmage appeared with calico cat. Made offer to turn us into immortal animals. We refused; he said think about it & disappeared. Reappeared momentarily; spoke to us, and left.
5) Found Brock the Ranger hiding onboard our ship. Decided to let him travel with us.
6) Went hunting; got some critters; attacked by lizard men on shore & on the boat. Whupped ’em.
7) Visited by Archmage again. Brill pissed him off & dropped his familiar in the river [smooth move, Ex-lax!!!!]
8) Attacked by atomi; beat their tiny asses. Found something had damaged the boat steering wheel.

What we did on our summer vacation:
The Continuing Adventures of Irreparable Damage Inc. - 5/10/14

1) The Keep blew up; for no good reason.
2) Subdued by rogue/assassin; chained up; saved by the Pigeon Guy [druid].
3) The Powers That Be have meeting in the Inn with us. They declared we all move to the town of Riversweep.
4) First day of travel, that night Gurmok got his “lil’ orc” serviced by crack whores [his favorite target of affection].
5) Had a random encounter with a giant lizard — wasted it.
6) Met back up with Army.
7) Brill received nighttime invite to big warehouse [by himself]; found no one there. We left. Next day warehouse burned down. Received letter from Mr. Hatenkloek.
8) Had encounter on bridge/turret/ballista; man had cardiac infarction. Brill healed him. His son led us to cave up north. Were attacked by a swarm of spiders & a giant spider.

Turns out undead don't have to breathe
The start of the campaign

This and the following few posts will be an overview of what has happened leading up to this point. I will make some attempt at brevity but 25 and a half pages is a lot to consolidate.

Day 1
The party finds themselves having just completed the three days of “training” the military offered to those conscripted to fight the undead. The Halfling rogue of the party insulted Sir Bramble Thicket after Bramble was condescending to him. This turned out to be a poor choice because the party was assigned under the Lieutenant who tasked them with the tedious and boring foodstuffs warehouse patrol.

Death found the party quickly and often throughout the day. Starting with an old man dying of a heart attack, followed by discovering a mutilated corpse in an alley being fought over by two dogs, finally an orc is found dead in the street from a single stab wound in the back of the neck.

The feeling on the street is one of apprehension and fear. Some have even begun to lose their minds, screaming in the street and condemning passerby. They are silenced quickly by passing soldiers.

Several men are spotted breaking into a warehouse, the party quickly subdued them with no loss of life on either side.

With their patrol ended for the day the party heads back to their barracks just as it starts to rain. The rain quickly becomes a downpour, limiting visibility to dozens of feet.

Before the party can rest for the night the horns of battle sound from the keep as the undead army begins its attack.

Spheres of interwoven bone begin to crash down around the city, one smashes into a building near the party, from which start the sounds of screaming. The party finds some skeletons that appear to have blood oozing from their bones have crashed out from inside of the spheres. They fell the creatures and move towards the keep, killing any undead in their way.

They reach the keep and mount one of the river facing walls. From beneath the waters rises gigantic creatures of twisted bone and flesh, from the mouths of which spew hordes of skeletons. Smaller but similarly built constructs crawl up next, they appear to be self loading catapults of bone and sinew trailed by carts containing more of the bone spheres which it begins to launch into the keep.

Sir Ulric the Defiant is seen leading a force of men into the fray, driving against the enemy beachhead. He is quickly cut off from his forces but manages to kill the two necromancers leading the assault.

The party are successfully fighting off several waves of skeletons from the spheres when one crashes into the wall they are standing on, sending them flying. Out of the sphere come more of the bloody skeletons, but the biggest danger is that of the sphere being moved because it is the only thing stopping the horde to get into the walls. Through some quick thinking that I cannot remember and will give XP for if someone else does the party manages to seal the ball in place.

At this point the members of the party still standing on the wall see Sir Ulric the Defiant holding his sword high in the air, waves of light billowing forth. Wherever the light touches undead fall to pieces. At the same time Wizard Zender can be seen leading his acolytes and mages in an effort to reach Sir Ulric. The combat continues with the party assisting several groups of soldiers till the undead are cleared from the walls.

The party is told to get some rest and are lead deep into the keep. The next morning the party awakes to find hundreds more dead due to the bloody skeletons coming back to life after a couple of hours and starting the slaughter anew. Sir Ulric used the power of his sword to destroy those but the party is told the city is still infested.

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