Deception and Death

What we did on our summer vacation part 2: The Metal Years

Thursday 5/29/14

1) Traveled south on the Sweep River; passed the town of Steepleton; stopped for supplies.
2) While traveling we found a man being assaulted by 5 soldiers; saved him. That night, man disappeared overboard. Pigeon Guy searched & couldn’t find him in the water.
3) Encounter on shore: Big Bug Dude [was actually Man Overboard] killed 4 guards. We attacked him vigorously; laid some damage on his keester; he fled [chicken-shit!].
4) Archmage appeared with calico cat. Made offer to turn us into immortal animals. We refused; he said think about it & disappeared. Reappeared momentarily; spoke to us, and left.
5) Found Brock the Ranger hiding onboard our ship. Decided to let him travel with us.
6) Went hunting; got some critters; attacked by lizard men on shore & on the boat. Whupped ’em.
7) Visited by Archmage again. Brill pissed him off & dropped his familiar in the river [smooth move, Ex-lax!!!!]
8) Attacked by atomi; beat their tiny asses. Found something had damaged the boat steering wheel.


Esparno Death_Metal_Thunderstrike

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