Circle College of the Arcane Arts

The Circle College of the Arcane Arts is a place of higher learning dedicated to the use and teaching of Arcane casting. Within it’s 9 towers all the schools of magic are taught by and to, Wizards, Magi, Summoners, Alchemists, and the occasional Sorcerer or Witch.

The Circle College has 8 towers, each dedicated to one school of Arcane Magic, (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy and Transmutation) around a central tower devoted to generalist study of Arcane magic.

The Circle College of the Arcane Arts resides within the City of Circle


Abjuration, the Brown Tower, led by Myridan the Bold (?? Human Wizard(Abjurer)), teaches the arts of protection, Magi hold classes in the gardens around this tower in the art of non-magical self-defense.

Conjuration, the Green Tower, led by Hymmel of the nine rivers (?? Half-Elf Summoner), instructs students in the ways of calling and binding otherworldly creatures as well as the arts of conjuration.

Divination, the Crystal Tower (Made of translucent crystal that the professors can turn opaque or transparent with magics embedded within it’s walls), led by Enella (?? Elf Female Wizard(Diviner), all students at the college spend much of their first year here learning the most basic magics necesary for a life of Arcane spellcasting such as the ability to read and detect magic.

Enchantment, the Violet Tower, led by Jenella Love (?? Half-Elf female Wizard(Enchanter)) The art of enchantments and charms is taught here, the classrooms at it’s lowest level are also used for instruction in social skills. The parties thrown by the Wizards of the Violet tower are legendary.

Evocation, the Red Tower, led by Thraxus (?? Human Wizard(Evoker)), Battle magic is taught within it’s crimson walls. Students in the Magus or Sorcerer professions are more common here.

Illusion, the Rainbow Tower (So named because it’s colors and outward appearance change at the whims of it’s inhabitants), led by Gilbrun Coglocket (?? male Gnome Wizard(Illusionist)), Classes in the arts of deception, both magical and mundane are held within it’s multi-hued walls.

Necromancy, the Black Tower, The Abandoned Tower, led by Billiam Notchwrought The White (?? male human Wizard(Necromancy)), All arcane arts are held in equal esteem at the Circle College, however, enrollment in the arts of Death has taken a sharp dive in the past few centuries. Not all Necromancy is evil, or even related to Undeath, the Necromancers of this tower teach so-called white or grey necromancy, the art of using the least popular or understood of schools for good or at least not evil ends.

Transmutation, Blue Tower, The Tower of Change (This tower undergoes constant modification, magical and mundane to suit the needs of the Transmuters within). The Changing art is taught here.

Universal, The White Tower, The Center Tower, led by Xirael (?? Human male Wizard(Universal)), Students who choose not to specialize learn each of the Arts in it’s own tower, however, classes for the generalist practitioner are held here, everything from magic item use and creation to history, and arcane knowledge. The Center Tower is also the home of the school’s Alchemy instruction, both as a skill for spellcasters as well as a vocation in it’s own right. The head of the college is always a generalist Wizard, who is the leader of this tower as well. the other 8 towers each have a bridge halfway up that leads to the upper portions of this tower.

Students pay no tuition to attend the Circle College, the most gifted youth are sent here from the surrounding communities to study The Art. The students pay their way by crafting minor magics for the school and the surrounding Circle City to sell or they are indentured to a master who resides within the school. All students, regardless of avocation or specialization spend some time during their years here within each of the 9 towers learning the specificities of the 8 schools as well as general knowledge that practitioners of the Arcane Art should know.

Other Notable Personalities

Clegg Stoneson (?? Human Male Magus) The head of the College and city’s defenses, he teaches self defense

Boothby (?? Human male Druid), Boothby tends the gardens at the Circle college, and has done so as long as anyone can remember

Samuel (Level 5 halfling expert), Samuel is the head chef for the Circle College, he has a mean streak a mile wide, woe to the student whose punishment is to work in Samuel’s kitchen

Marion Xill (?? Human female Cleric(Nethys) / ?? Wizard / ?? Mystic Theurge), Marion Xill leads the church of Nethys , the official religion of the Circle city and college

Circle College of the Arcane Arts

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