Town of many names

AKA: The port of ports port port
Population: 1200
GP Limit: 545
Authority: Sir Ulric the Defiant
Notable characters: Sir Ulric the Defiant, Wizard Zender, Sir Bramble Thicket

This town sits at a 90 degree bend in the River Weamok. The town’s proximity to both the mining town Greystone and the halfling village Wenric’s Hollow has allowed it some prosperity.

The town is protected by a stone fort named Fawkins Fort which is located on the inside of the bend in the river. A road runs north-south alongside the fort, acting as the main promenade for street vendors and cart traffic alike. The road crosses the river to the north on a huge arched stone bridge, where it ends in a T junction moving east and west.

The town is surrounded by both an interior stone wall and an exterior, with guard posted at each gate along the road.

Town of many names

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